Kilo 1K Replacement Pods - (4 Pack)


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Kilo 1K Replacement Pods - (4 Pack)

Kilo 1K units is a pack of 1.5ml pre-filled cases, and is mated to the Kilo 1K Ultra Portable Kit. The e-fluid inside each unit measures 45 milligrams in nicotine, giving a more grounded involvement when contrasted with the opposition.

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Kilo 1K Ultra Portable Device


  • Prefilled 1K Pods
    • 1.5ml Capacity
    • 45mg Nicotine Strength
      • Includes Four (4) Per Package
      • Salt Based Nicotine
  • Plug and Play Atomizer
    • Gold Plated Connections
      • Proprietary Connection
  • Compatible with the Kilo 1K Ultra Portable Device only


  • Dewberry Fruit: An exquisite honeydew flavor with light hints of mixed berry that is every bit as delicious as it is smooth, striking the perfect balance of fruity.
  • Strawberry: Bright red, sweet, and juicy strawberries.
  • Lemon Berry Ice: A sweet berries and tart lemon with icy smooth menthol.
  • Menthol Tobacco: Mild and smooth tobacco with a refreshing menthol aftertaste.
  • Smooth Tobacco: A mild blend tobacco with vanilla and caramel notes
  • Nutty: A light almond flavor with hints of vanilla and cream.

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